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“…to practice is to pay attention to your whole life: your thoughts, your bodily sensations, and your speech and other actions. As you do, you will discover that nothing is separate from anything else. Thoughts are the sensations of the mind just as sensations are the thoughts of the body. Each moment of your life is a moment of potential practice.” ~ Judith Lasater

I’m a mama, a student, a teacher and always a seeker. My life’s work and passion is teaching and guiding students and clients on a path of self discovery through the power of yoga and the ritual of self care; giving shape to the innate wisdom that resides within and the courage to breath into that space and inhabit the embodied awareness of self healing. Through relationship to the seasonal rhythms of nature, yogic sadhana, slowing down, mindfulness and rest, the path of practice can intuitively unfold and an intimate engagement with all that is can continue to evolve.

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