Join Donna for deeply nourishing practices to build steadiness, create space in your body and fortify your relationship to your inner world.

Each week we will join together via zoom for a yoga practice to fortify your body, clarify your mind and cultivate steadiness and ease on and off the mat. Using the elements of nature, we will explore asana, pranayama and meditation through the essential teachings of yoga, supporting your embodied experience of the practice and cultivate reflective experience of SELF. 


Tuesday’s 9-10:15am


Sign up below and you’ll receive a link to join class virtually.


All women and abilities are welcome, no prior yoga experience required.



Embodied Elemental Practices

Intention (Sankalpa)

Earth (Prithvi)- Grounding lower body practices to cultivate stability, balance and steadiness on and off the mat.

Water (Jala)- Connect with fluidity in these slow and calming practices focused on the hips (lower body) and fluid transitions.

Fire (Agni)- Practices to awaken radiance, focused on the middle body to build heat and inner strength.

Air (Vayu)- Practices that support love and compassion, cultivate a quiet and still mind, and are focused on the upper body.

Space (Aakash)- Practices that access space and freedom within our practice and the power of sound through mantra.

Please register through the link below with options for drop in or 10 classes with payment through Paypal and if you’d prefer to pay via Venmo, please send to @Donna-Ortner.  Once registered, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the ZOOM link to join class. Prior to class time, set up your computer where you can see and hear the screen, click on the link and arrive on your mat with your tea and get comfortable and ready for your weekly dose of yoga community and self love. 


Drop In $10 or 10 Classes $90

Paypal below or Venmo @Donna-Ortner

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