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Join Donna for Embodied Flow Yoga & Meditation for Women: Winter Series starting January 7, 202o. Connect to the 5 elemental qualities within yourself of earth, water, fire, air and space in this 10 week series. Each week consists of meditations, postures, breathing practices and yoga nidra that will realign us with the rhythms of nature to help support energy and vitality and connect us to the inner stillness and quiet that the Winter season brings. Embodied Flow Yoga & Meditation for Women is rooted in yoga, yoga therapy and Ayurveda.


During the cold months of winter, body temperature lowers, metabolism slows down, muscles and joints constrict, and the winter chill can even create constriction in our perspective. Committing to this weekly series will offer intentional yoga practices to develop internal heat and awaken natural radiance, keeping you healthy, warm and full of energy throughout the Winter season and enable you to emerge into Spring with vision, clarity and vitality.

Embodied Flow Yoga & Meditation meets on Tuesday’s at 9am and Sunday’s at 11:30 am.¬† Each week we will explore root to crown, the traditional yoga practices that guide us to balance and support seasonal health and wellbeing. Whether you choose class twice a week for a yoga deep dive or dedicate one class a week to support and broaden your understanding, this series will meet you where you are and enable you to purposefully harness the concentrated energy of winter to cultivate harmony and balance.

Space is limited, please purchase one of the packages below to reserve.


Week One:  Intention (Sankalpa)

Week Two and Three: Earth (Prithvi)- Grounding lower body practices to cultivate stability, balance and steadiness on and off the mat.

Week Four and Five: Water (Jala)- Connect with fluidity in these slow and calming practices focused on the hips (lower body) and fluid transitions.

Week Six and Seven: Fire (Agni)- Practices to awaken radiance, focused on the middle body to build heat and inner strength.

Week Eight and Nine: Air (Vayu)- Practices that support love and compassion, cultivate a quiet and still mind, and are focused on the upper body.

Week Ten: Space (Aakash)- Practices that access space and freedom within our practice and the power of sound through mantra.


Series Pricing:

10 Class Series $125

Packages expire March 20.

Class Pricing