Yoga for Strength & Vitality via telehealth Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt; Tuesday/Thursday, 7-8am cst

Morning Practice Online, Wednesday/Friday, 7-8am cst

Yin Yoga, Hola Yoga in studio and online; Tuesday, 7:00-8:00pm cst

Vinyasa + Yin Online, Liberation Yoga Online, Sunday, 9-10:15am cst

Vinyasa + Yin, in studio and online at Hola Yoga, Sunday, 5:30-6:45pm cst

Yoga for Strength & Vitality via telehealth

Tues/ Thurs 7am cst 

This online class is provided through the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Vanderbilt and focuses on developing steadiness, strength and stability in the body. Through primarily postural practice, breath awareness and meditation, this class seeks to bring greater awareness to and improve functional movement patterns, develop core stability and strength and cultivate ease in the body. This class is suitable for all, as modifications and foundational instruction will be provided. No previous yoga experience required, but participants should be physically active.     SIGN UP HERE.

Flow + Yin Yoga 

This class is a combination of gentle Vinyasa flow and replenishing, deep stretch Yin postures. We will explore the dynamic interplay between flow and stillness, effort and receptivity and create an experience of practice that brings in a sense of harmonious balance. No prior experience required.